Via Papini 2, 37014 Castelnuovo del Garda Verona, Italy

About us


SAELETTRICA SRL deals with instrumental testing and commissioning of industrial, distribution and electrical power plants.

The founder, Mr. Branchi Daniele, began his job (as Montedison SpA employee for 25 years) in settings after several experiences about Power Plants generation, HV plants, MV electric cabinets, HV/MV power lines.
Currently the technical and administrative section is coordinated together with his son Mr. Branchi Marco (electrical engineer).
SAElettrica srl includes operates on High, Medium and Low Voltage, offering a wide range of knowledge and possibility to work on several kind of plants, by mean of appropriate and accurately certified equipment.

Actually the focus on HV, MV and LV led SAElettrica srl to increase its equipments in order to perform instrumental checks as required by current Law.
The majority the customers is in the industrial and power generation section.
The collaboration with some abroad involved customers permitted SAElettrica srl to work in Italy and out of the country, too.
SAElettrica srl is a founding member of the association  AME “Asso Misure Energia”.


SAELETTRICA SRL mission is to give a complete and exhaustive service about the electrical power plants, both the first installation and maintenance.
The founders and their co-workers come from a 20 years experience in power plant field and increased their knowledge by mean of direct practice.
Each of our job leaves a signature on the plant we work on and it will speak about SAELETTRICA SRL for several years. With this spirit we perform every job.
The satisfaction of our job comes from our customers fidelity through the years.
Our technicians received, beyond the know-how, the passion for job rich in personal and technical motivation.
This passion, together with the vanguard and reliability of our equipment, make SAELETTRICA SRL a secure and qualified partner to support the setting of your power plants.
The constant stimulus to improve ourselves in giving a even better service is always considered by SAELETTRICA SRL.
If you cannot see the service you are looking for in our list, please do not hesitate to contact us: it may be a new challenge for us and an answer to your problem.