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Electromagnetic Field

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The orientation towards the industrial sector has led to an interest of measurements of electromagnetic fields to the monitoring and mapping of the workplace.
Via dedicated equipment we are able to cover measures in the range 5 Hz to 3 GHz.
With the experience gained by italian regional laws we can also cover the requirements of the Law. 36 of 22/02/01 and the new legislative decrees N. 257 of 19/11/2007 and N. 81 of 09/04/2008 for the protection of health in the workplace.
The devices used are calibrated by an external certified as a LAT Laboratories.

The reports include a short description of the units, the normative references and methods used to perform the measurements, the description of the methods used for the evaluation of the measures and graphs Value / time of the measurements. Where it is considered appropriate, we draw a graphic paths used for the measurements and readings.


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