About Us

SAElettrica Srl Unipersonale deals with instrumental testing and commissioning of industrial, distribution and electrical power plants.

The founder, Mr. Branchi Daniele, began his job (as Montedison SpA employee for 25 years) in settings after several experiences about Power Plants generation, HV plants, MV electric cabinets, HV/MV power lines.

Currently  the technical and administrative section is coordinated together with his son Mr. Branchi Marco (electrical engineer).

SAElettrica srl Unipersonale includes operates on High, Medium and Low Voltage, offering a wide range of knowledge and possibility to work on several kind of plants, by mean of appropriate and accurately certified equipment.

Our clientele
goes from the final user, to the main brands of manufacturers in the sector.

We are not tied to any type of brand and our best references do not come from the names that could be mentioned, but from the continuous relationship of collaboration that has lasted for decades.

We operate throughout Italy and abroad.

Interest in High, Medium and Low Voltage

has led SAElettrica srl Unipersonale ​​to equip itself with the necessary equipment to be able to perform instrumental checks, capable of covering the requirements of current regulations and laws.

Customers are mainly in the industrial and electricity generation fields.

The collaboration with international industrial customers, has led SAElettrica srl Unipersonale ​​to carry out interventions throughout the Italian territory and also abroad.

SAElettrica srl ​​is a founding member of the AME “Asso Misura Energia” association.

Our technicians have received, in addition to the knowledge necessary to correctly carry out the jobs entrusted, the passion for a job full of personal and technical motivation.
This passion, combined with state-of-the-art and reliable equipment, make SAElettrica srl Unipersonale,
a reliable and prepared partner for the verification of your electrical systems.

The various specializations in which we have focused over the years, have allowed us to provide complete solutions for the commissioning of systems, and has allowed us to form a solid experience that is also useful in the analysis of existing systems or after a failure (trouble shooting).